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Okay, where has the time gone?  We have had the most amazing Spring weather here in Sutter Creek! The birds are singing and flowers are starting to bloom.  And with over a dozen Shake Ridge harvests under her belt, Ann has picked up on a few of Mother Nature's cues of Spring's  arrival.  Specifically, the Buckeyes on the road to Amador City.  When they start to bud out, it's the signal that Springtime is just around the corner.  What does that mean at Shake Ridge Vineyards?  Time to prune!  Ahh, yes.  Never a dull moment at the vineyard!  
It's also time to start planning for some great events we have ahead.    UPCOMING EVENTS


Saturday and Sunday May 21st & 22nd
1-4 Vineyard Stroll | 3-6 Dinner at the Barn
$45 General $30 Amigos Club Members

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