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Where did spring go?

It still feels like spring today, with big puffy clouds, chance of thunderstorms, perfect temperatures.  But the days are long, the grass is starting to brown, and there are little berries on the vines.  As those berries start to size up, the vines will slow down their growth to start paying attention to the next generation - the fruit.  And before you know it, we'll be pulling out the harvest trailers and bins and headlamps!

But let's not just jump past summer - there is lots to do.  The canes are ready to tuck up into the wires, then leaves need to be pulled out of the canopy so the fruit is exposed to just the right amount of light.  Lastly we'll estimate how large the clusters are, and how many there are and then adjust the crop to the right amount for balance and character. 

So many things going on in the summer - graduations, Father's Day, BBQ's, camping trips.  So we thought we'd pull out our 'generation' for all your celebrations.  We are offering the 3rd Generation at a great price, so you'll have a great bottle of wine to take with you on all of your celebrations and explorations.  Enjoy and have a great summer!
                                                                                                                       The Kraemer Family
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