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"The Signature Wines of Superior California" Features Yorba

One of our favorite wine writers, Mike Dunne, featured Shake Ridge Ranch in his new book, "The Signature Wines of Superior California."

Mike has interviewed our vineyard manager, Ann Kraemer, over the years and we're honored to have a short chapter about how Shake Ridge Ranch got started, the debate over adding Tempranillo to our vineyard tapestry, as well as the story behind the grapes we grow for our winemakers.

"Winemakers vary in their reasoning about why Shake Ridge Ranch is so successful at producing so many varieties that met the standards they have set for their styles. They talk about of the site's elevation, topography, exposures, rainfall, swing between high daytime temperatures and nighttime lows, and even the quartz that sparkles in the dirt. Mostly, they concur that Kraemer's intensity and precision in nurturing grapes is responsible primarily for the quality of the fruit and for drawing them to such a distant and remote setting."

Limited copies of his book are available at our tasting room. Mike Dunne will also be hosting a book signing at our tasting room on April 2nd so be sure to stop by for a glass of our "captivating" Tempranillo in honor of our chapter.


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