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Dinner & Play ~ June 23rd

Enjoy a dinner with wines from Yorba and our new tasting room neighbor, Raven's Reach, while watching live theater at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheater.  Tickets only $60 ~ includes a picnic dinner by Element restaurant, two glasses of wine (or a bottle can be shared between two guests) and play tickets. Well even provide chairs should you need it!
Tickets and Details Here >>>

Our Roots Run Deep.

Bearing the legacy of four generations of Yorba citrus growers in Southern California, the Kraemer Family found a new home in the Sierra Foothills - on a beautiful, secluded ranch in Amador County. Our vineyard on Shake Ridge Ranch is the culmination of experience, thoughtful design and hard work.


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Our highly acclaimed viticulturist, Ann Kraemer, ensures the grapes are tended with constant attention, yet minimal and judicious intervention. 


The vines are given limited inputs, but are not asked to carry more crop than they can handle, encouraging strong, healthy plants, that produce wines of the highest quality.

In addition Yorba Wines, Shake Ridge Ranch supplies more than 30 winemakers grapes for their premium wines.

"Few vineyards, and probably none as young, account for as many wines on the wine list of Napa Valley’s acclaimed restaurant the French Laundry — 11."

Mike Dunne, San Francisco Chronicle 

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