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Wine Beserkers

Shades of Shake Ridge

A tasting of wines sourced from Shake Ridge Ranch....

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Press Coverage

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Sutter  Creek Blossoms with Wildflowers & Wine

“We should really have a lot of wildflowers in bloom this year in April,” says Ann Kraemer, viticulturist of Yorba Wines. Read More...

San Francisco Chronicle

This This California winery never got the fame it deserved. After nearly 40 years, it’s closing.

In the last few years, Edmunds scaled back, making wine only from Mansfield’s vineyards and from Shake Ridge Ranch, a highly regarded site in Amador County . Read More...

The Gear Patrol

The Best Things We Drank in October 2023

Just a couple of hours from Napa and Santa Rosa, two of California’s finest wine destinations, Shake Ridge Ranch is known for making some of the best Shiraz in the northern hemisphere. Read More...

The Robb Report

7 Superb Petit Sirahs From California to Drink Right Now

Grapes for this Petite Sirah were grown at altitudes between 1,600 and 1,800 feet in the Sierra Foothills of Amador County, where vines can experience day to night temperature variations of as much as fifty degrees.  Read More...

Tank Garage Winery

2021 Sundown Somewhere, Red Wine, Shake Ridge Ranch

Under the stewardship of viticultural legend Ann Kraemer, Shake Ridge Ranch is one of the most iconic vineyards in the United States. Read More...

Independent News

Livermore Winemakers Find Treasures Afield

...from Shake Ridge Ranch, “the best and cleanest fruit I have ever seen.  Read More...

The Wine Write

Ann Kraemer's Magic at Shake Ridge Ranch

It's been said that she farms with the devotion of a monk. Read More...

SevenFifty Daily

Why Many of California's Best Known Winemakers Flock to Amador County

Shake Ridge Ranch (house label Yorba Wines) proves that grapes considered obscure to California can thrive in Amador County. Read More...

SF Eater

10 Drive Worthy Wineries in California Gold Country

Where to find the Sierra Foothills best Zinfandel, Barbera and more. Read more..

New York Times

One Year Later: How U.S. Winemakers Averted Disaster

Pandemic disruptions seemed to pose the biggest obstacles, but West Coast fires were far more damaging. Read more..

Sacramento Magazine

On Wine: Taste of the Ranch with Yorba Wines

Just over the hill in Amador County, there is a special piece of land called Shake Ridge Ranch. Planted in the early 2000s, this relatively young vineyard produces fruit that is routinely sought after by some of California’s most talented and revered winemakers. Read more...

New York Times

For Farmers of Wine Grapes, the Pandemic Sows Doubts

"As wineries face disruptions in sales and cash flow, growers seek creative solutions to help their customers and themselves..." Read more...

San Francisco Chronicle

"Few vineyards, and probably none as young, account for as many wines on the wine list of Napa Valley’s acclaimed restaurant the French Laundry — 11."  Read more...

Wine Traveler

"On a beautiful, secluded ranch in Amador County, Shake Ridge Vineyards is the culmination of experience, thoughtful design, and hard work."

Wine Business

"Amador County grape grower Ann Kraemer understands that her relationship with her grape customers doesn’t end when the grapes are delivered to the crush pad. She knows the success and reputation of her vineyard depends on the success of the wines it produces."

The Street

"Ann Kraemer tailors her Shake Ridge Tempranillo and Graciano vines to the styles of the four winemakers who work with the grapes."

Hardy Wallace

"Ann sets the bar high; she not only work tirelessly to produce the best fruit off of her property, she also strives to meet each of her clients' varied needs in a way I have never experienced with any other grower." 

Mike Dunne

Mike Dunne, a well respected wine writer, ( spent an afternoon with Ann at Shake Ridge Vineyard this fall.  Read this great article to see what he has to say about Shake Ridge and Yorba Wines.  


"Barbera was first planted in the 1880s and today it's identified with dozens of Sierra Foothills boutique wineries.  Among the best is Yorba...."  An interesting article on how obscure Italian varietals are gaining a foothold in the Golden State.  By Patrica Thomson, California Esoterics.  


"Shake Ridge Ranch has set a standard for viticulture in Amador County and the incredible list of winemakers who now source fruit from the amazing vineyard above Sutter Creek tell it's story in every vintage and bottle produced." Roger King, Wine Appellation.  

James Laube

"....Yet the greatest wines I've tasted from the region have come in the past few vintages, from Syrah and Grenache grown in a vineyard in Amador County, farmed by a former Napan and made by two tiny producers based in Napa. The epicenter is Ann Kraemer's 34-acre Shake Ridge Ranch..."


MaryAnn Worobiec's great two page article on Amador's history, the promise of Shake Ridge's wines that "so far have been stunning-intense, dark and aromatic, with lush textures. Despite their density, they have what Kraemer calls a "structured elegance." Her family makes wine under the Yorba label (a nod to their Yorba brand of oranges), in a style that's less dense and more restrained."  Wines Spectator Magazine (Subscription Needed).  Read the article...

Virginie Boone

The Sierras' Rhone Warriors: These intrepid producers are making reputations for themselves and their region, one of California’s most diverse.  By Virginie Boone, Mar 5, 2012.  


Randy Caparoso delves into what makes Shake Ridge fruit so special, highlighing not only Yorba Wines, but includes all the other wonderful winemakers that use our grapes. Here's the First Page or go to to read the entire article.

Vineyard &
Winery Management

Shake Ridge Ranch - Raises the Bar.  By Linda Murphy,  November 2011 Great article about the vineyard and our farming.  Click here...

Sierra Foothills

The inaugral issue of this online magazine dedicated to the Sierra Foothills showcased Yorba Wines and Shake Ridge. Ravel Hayes, April 2011.  Click here...

San Francisco

California's BEST Lesser-Known Vineyards. Jon Bonne, June 2009.  Click here...

Hank Shaw

Something Shakin' at Shake Ridge: High-Altitude Grapes Aren’t the Only Thing Being Elevated at Yorba Wines.  By Hank Shaw November 2009.  Click here...

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