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Shake Ridge Ranch

Shake Ridge Ranch Vineyards was originally settled in the 1870s by Italian immigrants who hand cleared a portion of the ranch.  Although too late for the Gold Rush, they raised cattle, established fruit and olive orchards, tended vegetable plots and cultivated wine grapes to provide ‘vittles’ to the mining camps. 


After the camps closed, the ranch reverted to pastureland for over eighty years, until the Kraemers planted Zinfandel, Rhone varietals, Barbera, Tempranillo and Petite Sirah in 2003.


 In 2009, twelve additional acres were planted with the same care and detail for a total of 46 acres of premium vineyards.


That's what we want our grapes to be, as well as versed in the three C's of viticulture - color, concentration and character.

Red rocky soils, high elevation and large fluctuations between day and night temperatures.  Our reds show off a deep, dark hue, with intense red, blue and purple tones, depending on the variety. 


Due to careful farming practices, our vines are small but healthy and robust, focusing every ounce of energy into their ‘progeny’ – grapes full of intense flavors and aromas. 


Inherited from the land, the climate and how well the grapevines are suited to both.  As farmers, we are able to influence this synergy by placing each variety on a slope or soil to satisfy its needs and maximize the vineyard’s potential. Thanks to our efforts to work with nature, the grapes succeed in providing colorful, concentrated wines with marvelous character for your enjoyment.


Farming for generations



Shake Ridge grapes are tended with constant attention, yet minimal and judicious intervention. The vines are given limited inputs, but are not asked to carry more crop than they can handle, encouraging strong, healthy plants, that produce wines of the highest quality.

The entire ranch is farmed sustainably – using just enough organic fertilizer and compost to support natural growth; utilizing cover crops for both nutrition and erosion control, attacking pests with natural predators and netting before harvest to prevent birds from making a feast of the delectable grapes.

We are also a proud partner of Bee Better Certified, providing a temporary habitat for bees. Temporary habitats like ours provide pollen and nectar resources to wild bees and beneficial insects - like our cover crops at Shake Ridge Ranch. 

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