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Yorba Wine Tasting

About Us

Shake Ridge Vineyards is truly a multi-generational effort. The present ‘adult’ generation put in their hours as kids, pulling irrigation hoses, filling smudge pots and picking oranges and avocados on the original family homestead in Corona. When the adventure migrated to Shake Ridge Ranch, even the grandparents came out of retirement to join the endeavor.
The next generation is already earning its stripes. From bottling our homemade wine since they were old enough to take direction, to becoming the best vine workers around, they are a hard working, fun-loving crew. And boy they are smart! Their fresh young minds challenge the old-timers to rethink what’s always been done, giving our methods a fresh approach.

Ken Bernards

The Winemaker

Ken Bernards has spent years honing his skills with his own label, Ancien. He has devoted most of his career to Pinot Noir, often considered the most difficult wine to make, gaining both regional and international acclaim.

Ken is flexible and adaptive, easily recognizing the subtle needs of a wine-in-progess. He’s thoughtful and questioning, never accepting that what worked last vintage is the ‘recipe’ and ever aware that each year has its own attributes. His uncompromising commitment brings out the best that Shake Ridge has to offer in the elegant, balanced Yorba wines.


The Vine Tender

Yorba is also lucky to have a seasoned vineyard manager in the family. A respected viticulturist, Ann Kraemer developed Shake Ridge Vineyard relying on her 25 years of experience in the premium wine industry.

After proving her mettle, managing vineyards for Domaine Chandon and Swanson, she eventually moved into consulting with wineries and vineyards, including Cain, Calera, Hobbs and Shafer. Though she thrived in the industry, Ann longed for a chance to farm again. Shake Ridge Vineyards is proving a worthy, and demanding, subject for her passion. By custom-farming small vineyard blocks, Ann is able to provide Yorba and the other Shake Ridge winemakers the highest quality fruit. 


We’re proud to be part of the farming tradition started by Jose Antonio Yorba, who came to California in 1769 as a member of the Portola Expedition and stayed to raise cattle and grain. The Kraemer Family continued to use Yorba as the marketing brand for our oranges since 1913, in honor of our great-grandmother Angelina Yorba.
In memory of this heritage, we place the old family cattle brands on the label as a link to the past. More importantly, by farming sustainably we want to ensure that our land will prosper for the generations to follow.

Yorba Wine Tasting
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