We're thrilled to see everyone again after being closed for so long. We have a lot of new surprises for you, including misters on our patio and more engaging events filled with food and wine! Our ideas are flowing so keep checking back for updates on what's happening at our tasting room or at the ranch.

Please Note: In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 please take the proper precautions (self testing, etc..) before joining us. If you are feeling sick, please do not come as we do not want to put others at risk. We want everyone to have fun and be safe! There will be an abundance of masks and hand sanitizers readily available at our tasting room.  

Dinner & Theater
July 8th

Enjoy a picnic dinner by Provisions, paired with Yorba wine while enjoying Main Street Theater's "The Outsider" - NOW offering dinner for July 8th.  Dinner and play will be at the Kennedy Amphitheater surrounded by majestic oaks - the perfect night out! 


Only $55 per person and includes theater ticket, dinner and wine. We'll deliver it all to you, including chairs! Orders must be placed by July 5th. Details and menu here>>>

Art Exhibition~ Long May She Wave

Curated by Startup Curatorial, the exhibition will debut on Friday, July 1st. A reception for the artists will be held July 4th from noon-2pm. Guest will enjoy one complimentary glass of wine during the reception. All proceeds will go to the artists.

Artists: Ray Beldner, Heidi Brueckner, Annie Galvin, Shannon Kaye, Kelsey Newman-Lauder,  Fernando Reyes, Karii Rurup-Coleman, Chris Walsh

About the Exhibition

Without doubt, the American flag is a potent symbol that has the power to both join people in patriotism and in critique of the flaws in this "American experiment." In itself, the flag is not a political object, nor was it conceived to represent anything more than freedom, independence, and the strength of our union. The design of the flag as we now know it - with 13 alternating red and white stripes and a blue field of white stars representing each state - was established June 14, 1777. Since 1949, June 14 has been celebrated as Flag Day. Our current 50-star flag has flown since July 4th, 1960.

While our flag is widely displayed and represents the ideals of the country, it has frequently been used as both material and image in the work of a diverse range of artists such as Childe Hassam, Nam June Paik, David Hammons, Jasper Johns, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Dread Scott and placed in the service of personal ideas about democracy, capitalism, nationalism, fairness, and justice. Any depiction of it can be construed as positive or negative depending on its context, placement, and one's own personal views. That's exactly what makes it a fascinating subject of an art exhibition.

There are myriad flags and patriotic displays in Amador County. A drive through the county on any given day will pass by America flags, California flags, Pride flags, Blue Lives flags, Trump and Biden flags, all waving their diverse views and colors. Here at Yorba, we present the works of 8 local artists - without comment, judgement, or endorsement -each interpreting "Old Glory" in their unique and individual style.

Long may they wave...