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We love throwing a good event at both our locations. Enjoy wine tasting events, theater-inspired festivities, music and foodie events at our tasting room in Sutter Creek. We built a stag at our old barn at Shake Ridge Ranch for live music with room for dancing after big dinners. We have a lot of festivities in the works. Keep checking back for more to come.

Dinner & Play
June 23rd

Enjoy a dinner with wines from Yorba and our new tasting room neighbor, Raven's Reach, while watching live theater at the Kennedy Mine Amphitheater.  Tickets only $60 ~ includes a picnic dinner by Element restaurant, two glasses of wine (or a bottle can be shared between two guests) and play tickets. We'll even provide chairs should you need it!


Songs at Shake Ridge, Vol. 4
July 22nd

Experience a Jazz nightclub under the Stars out at the old barn. Kim Nalley from San Francisco (headliner at Fillmore Jazz Festival) will be on stage.  Table Nectar will provide dinner. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THIS BIG EVENT! Details to come...  

Art Exhibit
May - June 

Startup Curatorial has partnered with Yorba Wines to present a solo exhibition featuring work by Palm Springs artist, Lynda Keeler.

Lynda Keeler’s artwork is inspired by her daily walks through different California neighborhoods and influenced by contemporary and classic architecture and design.

By walking through these areas daily she also charts how the natural and built environments intersect in ways that are in harmony or conflict. Specific shapes and symbols populate the paintings and sculptures. Circles, arrows, even hands and feet show up at times in unexpected places and in somewhat strange colors. They all add to the sense of the passing of time and the evolution of the places we inhabit.

Layers of textures created from the addition and subtraction of paint, additives and collage add depth and discovery to each painting.

Her art will be on display at the tasting room until June 30th.

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