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Kelsey's Crockpot Mac N Cheese Paired with Syrah

With the weather cooling down, we thought, oh why not share Kelsey's (our lovely tasting room manager) Mac N Cheese recipe. Warning: It is not low calorie, BUT it is worth every bite. Promise.

Kelsey "kind of" uses a recipe from the Food Network, but adds her own little twist to it. Click here for their recipe and read below for her take.

Kelsey's Directions

I always do a mix of cheese, plus one cup more than they call for in the recipe, of pepper jack, cheddar, and colby jack, and I usually throw about 1/2 tsp (sometimes more) of creole seasoning, and a few shakes of red chili powder for some kick!

Once in awhile, I'll also add dried porcinis and morels, and little chicken broth to help the mushrooms rehydrate -I'll also top it with black pepper and my custom made porcini salt (so savory and amazing) and pair it with Syrah, for sure!

Got Guests?

For a crowd or family gathering - it's all about making a toppings bar! I like to have diced avocados, fresh cooked bacon crumbles, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes, diced green onions, tortilla strips, croutons, black olives, bleu cheese, the crispy French's fried onions (really for the toppings bar, the only limit is your imagination) and, like the variety of the toppings bar, it's nice to have a variety of wines (Zin, Barbera, Shake Ridge Ranch Red or our 3rd Gen Red).

And then you have it. A beautifully simple, but delicious meal. Shop our wine store for your Kelsey-Style Mac N Cheese dinner.

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