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Celebrating Our Farmers, Shake Ridge Ranch Vine Whisperers

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Our heart for agriculture runs deep. Real deep. Generations upon generations that we hope will continue to beat in the hearts of the Kraemer family for even more generations to come. Farming is not the life for everyone, but for those who live it - thank you! What would we do without you? No, really. Think. about. that.

In honor of these hardworking souls, we plan to dedicate our second "Feasting in the Foothills" to our local farmers. You may recall we celebrated our local chefs last month for our first "Feasting in the Foothills" series, so now with harvest on its way - what better time to celebrate farmers than with their stories from the "soil."

But first, our vine whisperers. Our vines would not produce the quality fruit Shake Ridge Ranch is known for without the full time help of three talented men. Let us be clear. It is not just about their talents in farming, it is goes back to what unites us. Our appreciation for what we all bring to the table. Collaboration, knowledge, music, stories, laughter. These are all intricate components that keep our vines happy and healthy.

It is also why we are extending our "Rosado with a Cause" offer throughout the month August to help other essential farmworkers who are keeping our food supply functioning during COVID. Buy our summer six pack of Rosados for only $150 and we'll donate $30 of each six pack purchased to the Farmworker Relief Fund - part of the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

Meet Gerardo Gonzales, our crew foreman.  The kindest, most intelligent person you've ever met.  He has three lovely daughters and a wonderful wife.  Gerardo is fast and precise working with the vines, and the first to hop over to help the others that are slower finish their rows.  He is the one who is planning ahead, scheduling what needs to happen next to keep the vines on track. 

Don't know what I'd do without him. - Ann Kraemer, vineyard manager

Meet Fernando Parra, our main tractor driver.  He's a self taught mechanic, and keeps our old tractors full steam ahead.  Fernando is finally ready to relinquish some of the tractor driving to the others - and is becoming a very good teacher!  He is always watching for how he can do things better and more efficiently, and is great at scheduling the tractor work around what the crew is doing. Oh, and what a guitar player he is too!

Meet Jesus Palominos, an incredibly hard worker, husband and father of one, always a great smile and laugh.  He really understands  vines and what they need and how much crop they can hold.  He's also our music source - has this amazing speaker that is crystal clear, booms across the blocks with an incredible playlist of Mexican artists.  Great music to work to!

Buy our Rosado summer pack now...

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