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Dinner with UpCountry Farms

Coming from generations of farmers, we (of course) believe in supporting other farmers. Every week we receive our box full of goodness thanks to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription. The subscription helps farmers (like our very own Tori and Dan of UpCountry Farms) with funds to buy seed, compost and whatever else they need until the produce is ready to harvest.

Tori and Dan have more than 75 family members in the CSA. Yorba is one of their drop off spots every Thursday. With each box they also give us recipes, like this chicken with squash on skewers, tzatziki and green salad that Ann (our vineyard manager) made.

Just a friendly reminder there are wonderful ways to show support to those who put food on our table. Tori and Dan, we salute you. A farmer's life isn't for everyone. Thank you for doing it so well.

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