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Greco di Oro vs. Greco di Tufo

Ann visited Campania with Taste Restaurant and Wine Bar owners, Tracey and Mark, in 2019 to 'study up' on Greco di Tufo on it's Italian home ground. Their favorite wine was a close relative to our Greco di Oro.

In honor of our 2020 Greco di Oro release, Taste has procured enough bottles to pour BOTH wines for special meal. Taste old country vs. new world.

Join Ann on January 27th - 29th for an evening at Taste as she plays 'sommelier' for a special multi-course dinner with seasonal favorites.

On the menu...

2020 Yorba Greco di Oro Seared Salmon Tarragon Cream, Fresh Pasta, Mandarin ~ 2020 Benito Ferrera Greco di Tufo Surprise Pairing ~ 2013 Yorba Tempranillo Duck Confit Cranberry, Wild Rice, Parsley ~ 2015 Yorba Barbera Savory Bread Pudding

Midnight Moon Cheese, Almonds, Honey Thyme Brittle

Dinner is $112 per person. To RSVP, call 209.245.3463.

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