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Rosado Spritz Celebration ~ A Family Legacy

By Ann Kraemer

The classy Italian Primitivo and the rugged Spaniard Tempranillo? That's the blend of our Rosado and it's a match made in heaven.... which always makes me think of our Mom (Italian) and Dad (Spanish/German).

Their anniversary is August 22nd, and yes, it's been 70 years. They raised eight children on a citrus ranch in Southern California, and although I'm the only one who kept up with farming as a career, the rest of them, along with 23 grandkids, are now all involved in Yorba Wines and Shake Ridge Ranch in one manner or another.

None of this would be possible without them or you! We invite you to enjoy a complimentary glass of Rosado Spritz paired with a fresh summer salad in celebration of our matriarch and patriarch. Their love story inspires our family every day ~ in both our lives and the wine we make. Please join us for this special occasion.

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